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The Seahive's team includes entrepreneurs and experts with experience in - and passion for - surf, lifestyle brands, attraction, travel, finance and conservation.

Jim Storey - Founder and CEO

Jim is the driving force behind bringing The Seahive to market. Having quit his corporate career in 2012 to be present with his family, Jim has been on numerous surfing, snowboarding and conservation trips to remote parts of the world with his wife and three kids.

He is a trailblazer at heart. Life has taught him that this is not a dress rehearsal. So make it count. And spend it with people who matter to you.

Jim is passionate about the positive impact that surfing, the outdoors, pushing personal boundaries and shared experiences can have on physical and mental wellbeing. He is a huge advocate for mental health, at a time where it is a national emergency particularly for young people, and providing educational opportunities / intervention programmes for kids who are falling through the cracks to help them re-engage with their learning joureys. Which lies at the very heart of his vision for The Seahive.

He started a surf lifestyle brand in 2015, enrolled his kids in Green School South Africa in 2020 to explore an alternative educational approach and broaden their minds, and has a deep purpose-led vision which underpins his drive. Here's an interview which he did with Wavelength magazine seven years ago

Adam Lamond - Chairman | Early Investor

Adam is an award-winning founder, entrepreneur and investor, based in Perth, Australia.

He is co-founder of URBNSURF, one of the pioneers in the inland surf park space, which opened their first Wavegarden surf lagoon in Melbourne in January 2020, with a second site due to open at the Sydney Olympic Park in May 2024.

Adam also volunteers with Ocean Heroes, which helps children on the autistic spectrum to build confidence through surfing. Adam helped to sponsor and facilitate the first ever event run at URBNSURF Melbourne back in 2020 which enabled 50 plus kids to enjoy the controlled environment of surfing in the lagoon.

Simon Hagger - Non-Exec Director

Simon has extensive experience of building, leading and operating travel, attraction and e-commerce businesses.

A real-world advocate for blue health, having discovered open water swimming and surfing following a car accident, both of which have been essential parts of his recovery.

Simon has also been a school governor for 10 years, and is Trustee of a charitable foundation funding the training of paediatric medical professionals. Simon lives on the Kent coast with his wife and two teenage daughters - who also surf!

Brian Mather - Non-Exec Director | Early Investor

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Brian moved to Europe 20 years ago and lives between Windsor and Ireland with his wife and two teenage boys.

His background in geotechnical work, environmental engineering and energy is invaluable as we seek to achieve this significant project in the most efficient, cost effective and sensitive way for the local environment and ecology.

Brian is also a volunteer and sponsor for his local and school rugby clubs. He loves open water sports and is passionate about helping kids experience the joys and benefits of surfing, as he did growing up as frothing surfer down under.


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