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Vision and Purpose

Trailblazing a pathway to meaningful life experiences, community vibes and health & wellbeing through the creation of a world-class surf wellness resort on the site of a former colliery spoil tip in Betteshanger Country Park, Kent.

The Seahive masterplan CGI - aerial view

The overall masterplan will feature a Wavegarden Cove surf lagoon at its centre, which can generate over 20 different types of waves from 50cm to 2m, providing rides up to 15 seconds long for all ages and abilities.

Overlooking the lagoon will be a clubhouse containing the surf academy as well as a restaurant and bar, conference facility, retail outlet, chill out spaces, dedicated work zone and an awesome balcony with some of the best surf views on the planet.

In addition, there will be a number of interconnected hives of activity providing additional facilities for the whole family anchored around wellbeing, education and adventure. These will include beach areas, a wellness facility with yoga and fitness zones, separate cold water therapy and meditation pavilions, a pump track designed for experts and young kids alike, splash pool, play area, dedicated learning hive as well a small number of eco-designed holiday lodges overlooking the waves.

The Seahive is first and foremost a purpose-driven business. We believe in the power of blue health and its impact on both physical and mental wellbeing. At an inflection point in time where it has perhaps never been more important, particularly for young people.

The New York Times recently referred to children’s mental health as being a ‘national emergency’. The same, we believe, is true in the UK with the NHS starting to prescribe surfing as a prescriptive form of therapy to address anxiety and depression.

"There is considerable evidence that contact with (safe) natural environments such as parks and woodlands (green spaces), and rivers and lakes (blue spaces), can reduce the risk of onset of common mental health disorders (CMDs) such as depression and anxiety” Project, November 2020

We also care deeply about the environment and sustainability. As surfers and ocean-lovers, it’s in our DNA. We are therefore mindful about the local ecology; ensuring that we tread carefully to not only protect it - but actually seek to enhance it.

Protecting our planet is in the hands of future generations. We need to encourage young people to get outside more. To develop a deep connection with nature. To explore its joy and wonder. To fall in love with it.

Through running educational programmes and introducing more young people to surfing who would otherwise never have the opportunity to try it, we believe that we can help to create changemakers and innovators of the future who will have an intrinsic desire to protect the planet when we are long gone.

The Seahive will be an immersive destination with world-class waves surfable by people of all ages and abilities. We will empower people to push boundaries in a safe environment. Improve physical fitness and mental wellbeing. Create greater custodianship of our oceans and environmental challenges. Encourage and support communities to (re-)connect. Increase tourism. Support local businesses. And generate hundreds of jobs and economic value both during construction as well as once operational. Whilst being ecologically mindful, inclusive and authentic.

The Seahive masterplan CGI - front view towards clubhouse

So get on board!

There has never been a more important time to open up surfing and the associated wellness benefits of being in and around blue spaces.

The Seahive masterplan CGI - side view towards clubhouse


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